June 2, 2017 May 31 2017-2018

June 2, 2017 May 31 2017-2018
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Christmas cards

Here are some more cards we made in stamp class

Spring Card
One piece of cardstock 5 " x 10 "
or DSP
Scoring tool
Important in these instructions
Take special notice when I refer to the left side when folding
Step 1
Fold paper in half, patterned sides together (if using a pattern) to make a 5" square.
Step 2
Open the paper and with the patterned side up, fold the right side back to the center, creating a quarter fold on the right end.
Step 3
Open the paper again, but with the patterned side down. Fold the lower left corner the card up until the lower edge is even with the ¼ fold you made in step 2. Crease, using your bone folder.
Step 4
Open the paper again, still patterned side down. (If you have a pattern)Fold the top left corner down and over until the upper edge is even with the score created in Step 2. Crease.

Step 5
Open the paper, to see the score lines. Measure to the center of the card, which is 2 ½ ". Using your ruler draw a line from that point to the score marks of your card, you will see a diamond shape, these are your cutting lines

Step 6
Cut along the pencil lines to create a point at the top of the card.Put some adhesive under the bottom front point of the card to get it to stay upright.
The finished card folds flat to go into a 5 ½" square envelope. It springs back when you take it out of the envelope.
Enjoy your Spring Card!! Use it often for all seasons & all occasions
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